how to save a life

Things are on the mend and getting better for the involved parties, but I still felt kind of powerless and depressed in terms of being able to help out in any meaningful way. I've barely left this house over the last month and that doesn't bother me in the slightest. Actually, everything is still packed and I'm still ready to leave at a moments notice. Instead I've buried myself in catching up on Gordon Ramsay shows (F Word, Masterchef, Behind Bars, etc). It's been the perfect diversion while I mentally sorted a few things out.

Sis recently helped me apply with the local junior college and with FASFA. I haven't yet heard back from the JC but FASFA processed very quickly. Unfortunately no pell grants for me, but I may qualify for some local grants yet. I have to wait for the JC to process my application and review my FASFA data to see what they say. If there's a way I can do this without having to shell out too much out of pocket I'm going to do it. I also concluded that I don't want to work in a professional kitchen if it can be helped. I want to take this course for my own personal knowledge and experience. I'll take the certificate though, I'd have paid a small fortune for it so it's only right.

Still no word from the animal sanctuary on that job, but I expected that this will take some time.

I started forcing myself (on a limited basis) to go out and do stuff again. Over this last weekend I got together with some close friends and cooked dinner. Bridgette was also in tow. She rekindled relationships with three past pack members she'd not seen in years. She was in a quandary over who to run to first and had kind of an emotional meltdown. Before the night was up she got the chance to sit in the laps of all three for some lovin'. Dinner went well as everyone loved it. I made a Peruvian dish I grew up with called Aji De Gallina for anyone interested. Everyone was in agreement that we need to do on a regular basis. This is good and gives me something to to do every so often.

Tomorrow night, I think, I'm going to sign up for and take a class on making French Baguettes. Bon appetit!

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  1. When the time comes to 'reinvent' ourselves and go new directions, I think it's harder than coming out of high school to who we think we want to be and do. I want to hear how your cooking class goes.

    1. I've heard the opposite from a few friends. The reason being, from their viewpoint, is that you bring experience from past lessons and make the second time around a greater success.