belly of the whale

Given recent events I needed a change of pace. Normally I would go camping, and I still plan to, but haven't planned a trip yet. This time I decided to head to the last place I would ever want to be at. Los Angeles. Around city hall no less. Why did I go there? To play Ingress! It was the final Recursion event. It's basically been a worldwide multi-city event that's been taking place over the last month. Yesterday was the final battle between the teams. The event kicked off a little after noon, and ended around 6pm. There was a lot of walking around a hilly part of downtown LA, and Little Tokyo. I managed to pick up a little color despite it being a 70° overcast day. I kind of wished I had brought my bike because I would've been more effective than I was on foot. Then again I wasn't sure what to do since this was my first time at one of these things. I didn't prepare as well for this as I should have, but managed to get by despite. I also gotta thank my friends/fellow teammates for having bigger eyes than stomachs. I was able to enjoy a nice Shabu Shabu dinner on them. This definitely made up for my paying $13.80 for an OK turkey sandwich and small bottle of water at lunch. Stupid overpriced LA!

Each event (simplified) is based on three challenges, with one special bonus round. The first three are straight out battles, we won two of them. The bonus event was (for our team) a game of keep away, while the opposing team had try and score a goal. We won that one too. Due to how points are scored we technically lost the final round by eight points. However we had won at all the other events resulting in us winning the war.

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