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Due to the recent advances in mobile computing, staying connected without having to carry an arsenal of gear is now a convenient reality. While most of us are generally good at keeping track of, and not losing our toys, some of us will inevitably either misplace or have them stolen. A few years ago I read a news story about a guy who recovered his laptop with the aid of an app named Prey. I began using it immediately and realized I should share it with you guys as it is a huge benefit to anyone regardless of stationary or mobile lifestyle.

Prey offers a base plan which is free as well as monthly subscription plans. I'm using the free plan which covers my needs The base subscription plan starts at $5 which allows you to utilize a few extra bells and whistles (none which I really need at this time). This app is supported on all major platforms (Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android, and iOS), and starts at a 3 device limit for both free and pay. This worked for me since I have only laptop, tablet, and smartphone. The website has a pretty thorough FAQ along with a fairly long list of recovery success stories which should answer anything I didn't cover here.

Here are the basics. You download and install the client on your device (laptop, tablet, or smartphone), and configure it. The configuration is straightforward enough that even the most technically clueless will figure it out in a matter of minutes. At this point everything simply sits in standby until the unfortunate day arrives that your device is stolen or misplaced. Let's pretend your tablet was stolen. The first thing you should do is file a police report, and the second thing is to login to your account on the Prey website, go to your device, and enable the missing switch. As soon as the thief uses the device on the internet, Prey will connect, and transmit a report back to the site. The report consists of the GPS location, screenshot of what they're doing on said device, and a picture (via the device cam) of the thief while they're using it. This is the info you'd provide to the local authorities to recover your property.

Hope this helps!

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  1. I must remember this when I finally buy my "real" tablet. As it is, I just bought a cheap Chinese knockoff for $99. It's worked ok so far so I don't feel the need to get a galaxy tab just yet....