I'm on the eve of my departure which is anywhere from a few days to a week to be exact'ish. I've been doing my homework and believe I've got a pretty good lay of the land. If not long term at least for a few months. I've been spending my days enjoying the cuisines I won't in a small town. I mean before I leave here. I had sis place an amazon order using my remaining credit for a few things to make life easier which arrived today. However I do have some credit left and my worst crisis now is finding something else I would really need.

I'm as excited as I am nervous about my next embarkment in life. I've got this covered might sound a bit overconfident, but I really do. What this next chapter boils down to is whether I and/or it are right for each other. Whatever the case ... soon.

Nobody Knows Me at All by The Weepies on Grooveshark

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