we're leaving

After almost a year here (actually two days shy of eleven months) we're finally leaving. The last bits of packing are turning out to be harder than expected. This is due largely in part to my mom's OCD version of housekeeping. Many of my non critical items sometimes get put away in places without my knowledge. So I'm having to turn over the house to find them. To be fair to her some of the delay is attributed towards clean up. Mom was kind enough to allow Bridgette to cohabitate with me in the only way she knows how (everywhere I am). Mom doesn't allow Oreo (niece's dog) access to all of the house because of issues with shedding. However Bridgette knows how to make grandma give in with just a look. So some cleaning has to be done at the last minute before we're both gone.

The drive to my final destination can be done in a day, but I'm breaking it up into two days so that I can visit a few friends who are on the way. Am I excited? Yes. Did I leave the oven on? I don't own one. Am I a little scared? Yes, but I know it'll pass once I'm on the road. Any regrets? Absolutely not! This is what I've been wanting to do and it simply took a longer than expected detour.

Time to bounce

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  1. Have a good trip! I hope everything goes well for you and Bridgette. :-)

  2. You're finally on your way again! wow, Has it been a year? We've both been stuck in one place for too long. At least you get to take off now. I am making plans to fly off in a couple month's time as well. Back to the 'ol US of A. Happy travels, my friend!