the road so far

A little after breakfast and a much needed shower yesterday morning we were back on the road. We filled up at the local Costco paying only 3.37 per gallon. I paid 4.11 in Irvine two days prior.

Once we cleared the city I got my fair share of scenery therapy in and enjoyed for all it was worth.

However nature isn't without her critics. Bridgette seemed to care less about seeing what was out there and more in viewing the insides of her eyelids.

I could not have asked for a better trip so far, and it was precisely after snapped the pic above where a few things went wrong. The highway I was supposed to take was closed which forced me onto an alternate route. The new route wasn't bad in of itself, but the area it cut thru is prone to high winds. My nemesis. What happened was my awning had somehow switched from the close to the open position (or possibly was that way from the start). The result was that it started unraveling after a few good wind gusts. There weren't many pullouts on this highway forcing me to drive a while as it flapped around. I managed to get it back into place while fighting the wind and noticed some tearing at the base of one of the ends. Damn! I really didn't need this now. The other thing the wind didn't help with was gas consumption. This is why I wanted to drive the other route. A gas station was found with highway robbery prices. I put in enough to make it to the next town and filled up there.

Later that evening we arrived at our destination. I setup, paid the bill, had a nice dinner w/Bridgie, and we settled in for the night. We were beat from the day before and slept in pretty late this morning. Today we're gonna explore the town and pick up some much needed groceries. Carry on!

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  1. The open road! I am vicariously enjoying through your wonderful pictures. I can still imagine smelling the air if I close my eyes.
    You're living the dream, man! Stay healthy and safe travels!