whisper to a scream ...

Last week instead of accomplishing two out of two things I wound up accomplishing three out of four. In addition to getting my truck battery replaced I learned my rear brake pads needed replacement. The total cost came out less due to a sale they were having on brake jobs, and also because my battery was under warranty. This resulted in a prorated cost for the replacement. I also shifted funds around which will be available for my upcoming trip. More than enough to cover me, but I've emergency funds in standby should things go bad. The last thing I didn't get to was replacing the RV battery. I pushed it back because there really isn't a rush. It's a 30 minute job which I can do the day before leaving.

Mom showed up at the dealer about a half hour after I arrived for an oil change. It wasn't a coincidence. She didn't bring up what's been going on and instead waited for me to do so. I didn't, at least until we had a few minutes left before leaving. No fighting, just talking, and a lot of listening to each other. What followed was her failed attempts to understand and/or deflections by minimizing some key events (both present and past). Nothing was resolved. She didn't quite get this either. There's nothing to resolve because the damage has always been long past that point. Recognition by all the involved parties was merely a formality. 

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  1. All I have to say is I hear you, family is not easy. Or fair.