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This is something I've been meaning to get to, but didn't because of all the family stuff. The biking has only helped me deal with it so much. I needed another outlet so the brain dumps here was another outlet. Sorry again for taking things off track (oh, there I go again with the idioms).

I forgot today is Easter Sunday so battery-palooza is off since the places I need to go to are closed. Monday it is!

So about three or four months ago I was on one of my small house/living video binges and stumbled across, what I thought was, a phenomenal documentary. The name is "Welcome to India" and was put out by the BBC in 2012. I checked and it's still available on Youtube in the original three parts. Sacha Dhawan narrates it and for those who don't know. He played the character Manmeet in the short lived TV show Outsourced as well as various movies and TV shows. 

The people and their stories are heartwarming despite how dire their circumstances might seem. India is way ahead of us where overpopulation and limited space are concerned. The resourcefulness of the people there goes well beyond what I've had to imagine towards simply earning a living on a daily basis.

I hope you enjoy the documentary as much as I did, and take away something special. It's worth it!

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