we can work it out

So the other day sis and I finally got a chance to catch up and straighten things out. Skipping the details we figured out that it was my mother's insatiable need to meddle in affairs that are not of her concern. She was doing to her what she had tried with me not more than a month prior. We dealt with this as we always do, by both letting her know she crossed a boundary that was not hers to cross. This doesn't end it, but usually stops her for a couple of months. It gives us a break to deal with the real issues at hand. Well, my break will last longer with my upcoming departure.

I had a talk with one of my aunt's on dad's side of the family. When things are at their worst he has a tendency to ignore our pleas and his sister has a way of getting through to him. This usually occurs after she gets an update on what's really going on instead of what he tells her.

Today during breakfast I made mom spit out a mouthful of coffee all over the kitchen floor. She did her best to hold it in but wound up losing it. I was explaining to her why the littlest (again) member of the family would run out into the backyard to bark at whatever she'd heard. They don't take her out for walks enough and she has a limited world in which she lives. Oreo spends most of her time living within the boundaries of the kitchen and backyard. It's enough room for a dog her size, but you tend to kind of lose your mind over time when there's little to no interaction with the outside world. Then when I said "kind of like how dad chooses to live in a limited space doing the same thing day in day out and exploding in anger at nothing randomly" which is when she took a mouthful of coffee. It was all of about 10 seconds when she quickly turned her head as the weight of my words dawned on her and sploosh! Oreo discovered today that she really loves coffee.

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