R.I.P. Pips

About three days ago Moses got to her before I'd had a chance to train him. He played with her like she was a toy and the worst happened to her. Moses isn't to blame and I'm not giving up on him because of this. It was my fault as I'd forgotten to place her cage into the bathroom before stepping away. I returned from the store and found her little body on the floor in a soggy heap. I'm feeling fifty kinds of shitty about what took place and learned a very hard lesson. One which I wish hadn't ever learned. She was sweet, a little shy, but very affectionate once she knew you. I always looked forward to having her on my shoulder when I took Bridgette out for her potty walks. I miss her badly and am so so sorry she had to pass that way.

R.I.P. Pips

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  1. Oh, man, that really sucks. Living with animals sure can be hard sometimes...