debt booty update

It's been about three months since my last update, so here's another one for posterity. Last month I paid off bill #4 which as you already know was the final step towards ending my relationship with a big bank. Bill #5 was supposed to be paid off in 4 months (including this one) but due to a few unexpected expenses and one miscalculation, it might have to be paid off a month later than planned. The unexpected stuff was beagle medical expenses and truck maintenance costs. The miscalculation is the cost of gas for my upcoming trip to California for next months wedding. WoO hOo!!!!

3395 Travel Trailer
8380 Credit Card

11775 Total


  1. Steve,

    Congratulations on putting #4 down. I'm down to five, and soon will be relieved of #5.

    Glad your furry friend is okay now. One of my favorite dogs was an old beagle pal named Friday (because thats when we got him).

    Our pets take priority, as it should be.

    Keep your eye on the prize,


    1. Thank you Bob! The encouragement is always appreciated, especially from a fellow beagle cohabitant. Past or present.

      I'm gonna make that finish line no matter what!

  2. Keep on whittling it down Steve! You're almost there.