every little step

As of Wednesday 06/13/2012 I officially ended my relationship with a big bank I had belonged to for over 3 decades. Everything I have has been transferred over to NGFCU (Northrop Grumman Federal Credit Union) save a Visa card which I'm keeping for extreme emergencies only. Well, technically I'm using that and one other credit card that I have with another CU for things like gas and groceries, but they are both being paid back in full every month. It keeps them both in play and helps keep my credit rating up. All that matters is that I'm free now and not being nickle and dimed at every turn.

The beagle still insists on resting comfortably beside me, but is a little less emotional than yesterday. My plans for a nice drive out in the country were shot since she wasn't up for it. Instead we watched reruns of Enterprise on Netflix and stuffed ourselves. She with brown rice and shredded chicken and me with pizza and apple pie. A good day!


  1. Thats so good. And I mean it. Im in your place. I have 3 more months to go. Except my credit is ruined. I will get it up again but really I don't care. Its not important to me anymore. No more cards for me. Its good though to have at least one for emergencies.
    So glad to see your baby doing better. She cried like that because you are her world and she feels safe with you.

    1. I'm jealous since you get to be out there way sooner than me. In reality my credit doesn't matter to me either since I won't really be using it much out there.

      She's my world too :-)

  2. You know, that's what human people do, too - break down as soon as they feel safe. Funny.

    Down with Big Bank! Up with credit unions!