happiness, miracles, and revelations of the petite kind

The beagle is quietly snoring next to me while I catch up with all my online chores before bed. I know there'll be a time when she's no longer with me and I think it's the biggest crime in life that their time here is so short. I'm grateful to have learned to cherish these moments as they happen.

We had some rainfall here last week which probably meant more leaking in the trailer. I know I was supposed to patch it a few weekends ago, but I never got round to it. The denatured alcohol and tube of dicor are patiently waiting on the counter for me to use them still. Anyways, when I checked there was no water in the trailer. Bullet dodged, but I'm working on it next weekend for sure.

I had a minor epiphany today about my desktop pc. It's a powerhouse that does anything and everything I need it to. I realized that I'm no longer doing anything that requires that kind of power. My plan to buy an über gaming laptop to replace (for when I begin full timing) the pc is no longer necessary. I will be able to make due with something mid-line which will save me a fortune.

A few months back I mentioned that I was shopping for land. My experience with the land I purchased in CA was different since I grew up and knew the history of the area. It was easier and part of me thought it wouldn't be too different buying in another state. Wrong. I'm no where near finding what I want yet, but have learned a few things since. Mostly where and what not buy. Some of the deals I had found were anything but.

The beagle has scooted up to, and stretched out against me signalling that it's time for me to go to sleep. Far be it for me to oppose her wishes, so off to sleep I go. G'night!


  1. Oh...love your doggie. How is she doing with the wee bump she had?
    I have a 300 buck Dell mini laptop and its just fine with me. Once Im in the van I will not up grade. I want to upgrade my hearing aids but not the laptop. My first thing to get.

    1. She's great, but the bump is still there. It's taking much longer to shrink than I'd like. I'm keeping an eye on it but may ask the vet to lance and drain it when I take her in for her teeth cleaning in a few weeks.

    2. Steve, I know what you mean about special moments with furry friends. My two are like my children, and I worry if they are not up to par healthwise.

      Little things like the look in their eyes when they stare at you ... following you around and lying near your feet ... alerting you when others approach ... are priceless.

      Bob (aka stude63)

  2. I have had those thoughts lurking for some time now. Mutt is 11, and very fit, but the slowing down has begun. We move through our days in such synchronicity that I don't know how I will learn to move, and be, without him there. It is a crime.

    Until then, I use this awareness to take advantage of the moments. I am so grateful for them.