tooth hurty

Bridgette got a long overdue teeth cleaning today. It's been a few years since her last one so I was glad to hear the vet say her teeth were in decent shape. Except for one, the left rear lower molar was loose and needed to come out. She also got a few boosters and tested negative for heart worms. I was set back $134 for the tooth extraction and everything else was covered by her insurance. I'm glad I got it because it would've costed me a total of $584 without the plan. So glad to dodge that bullet!

I've been anchored to the couch since we got home because I need her to rest and she won't leave my side for anything. She's laying against me as I type this and is suffering from one of the side effects of the anesthesia. The handout they gave me says it can last 12-24 hours. Luckily it's not any of the gross, messy, or smelly ones you have to clean up. The vet tech said she was a trooper up until the moment she saw me. My tough as a tank working dog jumped into my arms, began to cry, and held onto me like a baby. This scene played out for 5 minutes to a crowded waiting room before I was finally able to put her back down again. Whimpering was the other side effect, and today I learned that that translates as highly emotional. 

My little daddy's girl.


  1. Aww. Poor Miss Bridgette. Tooth hurty is the worst time of the day. D:

  2. Glad Daddy is taking care of you!. Now you will have fresh smelling breath! Sorrry for your pain, but will get better soon Bridgy-paws!

  3. I can relate to the dentists chair of late... meh ...:(

    Get better soon.



  4. Oh, that poor baby! Smoochies to her!