things change

This month marks the two year anniversary of the purchase of my travel trailer. I got it after only four months into my work contract. I wouldn't have had the down payment had it not been for my tax return and some money I managed to squirrel away from the new job. Mom put it over the top when she kicked in half of my down and made it possible for me to secure a low interest loan. And now it will be paid off in four months.

Recent conversations with friends have had me looking back and realizing how much has changed. When I bought it my frame of mind was not good at all and I was honestly expecting (anytime) to be out of a job again. Plan for the best and expect the worst they say. I was now planning for the worst after having had the best elude me for so long. That plan consisted of leaving immediately while abandoning my debt and saving every penny until the unemployment benefits ran out. I still owed on my truck at the time and eventually they would come looking to repossess it after missing enough payments. I took solace in knowing that the plan meant I'd be off grid and occasionally mobile. I had even planned for the possibility of my bank accounts being garnished. Here's where I really go down the rabbit hole, so please remember I had 4 really shitty years leading up to this. Basically someone I trust implicitly would receive a copy of my ATM card and withdraw all my funds for safe keeping. Those funds would reach me piecemeal via a rechargeable credit card when needed. I would barter my computer skills for cash or goods to stretch things out in between. There was a lot more planned but this is as far down the hole as I'm willing to take you. It more than illustrates how much things have changed for me over the last two plus years. 

No more rabbit holes for me, and just rabbits for dinner instead. I can live with this arrangement and more importantly, live with myself.


  1. I can imagine those times felt desperate. This is better. Still, I admire a plan, no matter how dire the circumstances.

  2. I have been there too Steve. Its called survival. No matter how the plan sounded you were in that mode. It protected you in a sense until you found this new plan.