all good things

Traffic, how I loathe thee!
Despite the traffic I still made it home safely two nights ago. The pace of my weekly life resumed the second I set foot in the door and is the main reason why I wrote this now instead of then. Even though I had a lot less stuff, I couldn't escape the unloading and unpacking that always follows a trip. Again, emphasis on the creamy goodness of much less stuff. Our time in Slab City and two days of road travel left the beagle and I a touch on the dusty side so a bath was in order for us. By the time we settled in I learned the roommate was also too tired to cook, so we settled for Indian take out. Food coma, and then Wednesday came to a close for us.

The drive home always gives me a chance to catch my breath and reflect on the trip. There was quite a lot that happened on this trip. As a result of this there will be more posts to follow about each of things I found most important.

I also went back and updated some of the posts over these last two weeks with the corresponding pictures I meant to upload but didn't get a chance to. Like I said, a lot happened on this trip.


  1. Can't wait to hear about the trip. Sounds like you had a good time.

    1. Me too! It was a great trip overall but there were a few bittersweet moments for me.