who's gonna drive you home, tonight

I wanted to take the time (again) to write about my little one's progress. Since relocating four months ago we made several changes to improve and correct a few things. The first was in changing the diet, and the second was getting some much needed exercise. The third was a bit more complicated and very time consuming to fix. Bridgette had developed anxiety attacks on car rides when we moved to Texas (a little over three years ago). I was unable to determine the cause despite my best efforts and was worried that not knowing this would hinder my efforts to fix it. For whatever reasons it didn't and we were able to overcome. I did a bit of internet research and decided the best course of action was to employ a couple of different tactics.

Are you writing about me again?

In no particular order ...

We're not completely done and will be doing this for a while longer yet, but we're not seeing "the shakes" happen at the start of a ride now. I should mention on this last trip there were no shakes, thundershirt, or benadryl needed which was HUGE. She handled the trip like a boss even though she occasionally needed some minor reinforcement.

Hold. Me. Please.

Along with B, my hand and arm also fell asleep

On the last leg of the trip Bridgette did something unprecedented. She got up, left shotgun, crawled into the seat behind me, and glared at me for some inexplicable reason.

No, no don't take a pic, you're a dick dad!

Progress made!


  1. LOL!!! Poor Bridgett I never tire hearing cute stories about her. Glad you 2 worked something out.

    1. Me too, especially with how much driving there is in this lifestyle.

  2. Replies
    1. I really couldn't resist with the face she was making. Can ya blame me?