visit family, do stuff

I've, quite possibly, done more in the almost three days I've been here than the week prior to my arrival. In no order I've unloaded a trailer, returned it, gone hiking, walked, cooked dinner for five, fixed bathroom a fan, built an entertainment center, bought new cables for it, connected said entertainment center together, cleaned the parents backyard, got the nephew a Captain America frisbee shield (he LOVES it), played with nephew for several hours, measured a bay window (eight feet above ground) for curtains, setup a bed for myself, and put the beagle's cousin on a diet. Thankfully I've only a few scant things left that I need to do leaving me just the fun stuff.

The niece!
The sissy!
The nephie!
Why is there always more work to do in our vacation life than the normal one?


  1. Are ya coming to Slab City? Did I miss you on your way out?

    1. Yes I am and yes you did. I'm still coming and spending a few days with you. I'll email you about it.

  2. I guess you need to go home soon to rest up from your vacation.