in the name of my father's left chinese foot

I got the chance to do something on this trip that I don't get to do very often. Something nice for my father. I don't mean to give you the wrong idea either because it's not like I never do stuff like this for the man, I do. It's just that he's a hard read and so agreeable that you can never tell what he really likes until it's sometimes after the fact. This particular time I gave him my TV and even better knew he was excited about it before it was even set it up for him. Here's some more back story. His old TV was a 61" Sony rear projection set and we've been trying to get him to upgrade/ditch it for the last four years. He's absolutely refused to let it go despite how much it's quality has slipped. He was even still refusing to let it go until the day I left. Because of this mom waited until the day I arrived to buy the new stand for it. It took me about a day before I could get to putting the stand together and set up the new set but his reaction was worth it. Dad now gets to watch all his Chinese soap operas in digital HD quality. He's worked his ass off to give this family the best he could provide so I'm glad I could give him something back now that he's (sort of) retired.

Enjoy it dad, you deserve it

Getting to do this was a little bit of a mixed bag for me since it now left me without a TV. My original plan was that I'd see how long I could do without after returning. I lasted two days without. I don't and haven't connected to any sort of subscription service or antenna'd TV in over six years. I'm really selective about what I watch and only ever use it a few ways now. I watch DVD's, Netflix, digital recordings, and play Xbox on it. I bought my old TV, a Samsung 42" DLP HDTV, about seven years ago on sale for about $1400. Yesterday I bought another Samsung 32" LED HDTV for $279. Now it's my turn to be giddy.

Supernatural, my latest vice
Before I gave in and treated myself yesterday, I went our for a routine hike. Not so much. About halfway through the hike I had a little accident. Not only did I jam a toe pretty badly, but I also managed to twist my left foot. I was still able to walk but not without a great deal of pain and difficulty. The good news is that this morning it hurt a lot less and I was able to walk without as much pain. I'd say I'm at about 75% mobility with it at this point. 

Freaking owie!
You can make out the heavily brusied toe in the picture, but most of my foot is swollen too. I'm normally a pretty fast healer so I'm hoping the swelling will be gone tomorrow so I won't have to miss out on my weekday workouts. Wish me luck!


  1. That looks broken, at least in the picture.. :(

    1. Yeah it looks a lot worse in person but it's not broken. I was able to work out on it on the elliptical without it hurting, much.

  2. duuude! that is an owie.... glad to hear you Dad liked the TV.... get well soon.

    1. Thanks. Yeah it was, but it's a lot better now.