baby needs a new pair of shoes

It's been almost three years since I bought my travel trailer. She's patiently waited while I got my house in order and asked for relatively little in exchange. In that time she's had a few good and bad things happen to her as follows. I installed a backsplash in the kitchen, the propane tank was stolen by some asshat where I replaced it with a new see through one, fixed a roof leak after a vicious rainstorm, installed a few knick knacks to make life easier, and even showed her a good time or two. I noticed on my last weekend check in that the tires were looking kind of not good despite having mostly just sat in one place.

I learned the recommendation is to replace them after three years if all they've done was sit exposed to the elements. For the most part they've held up pretty well but developed a real slow leak at about the second year. This leak noticably sped up after our move last October. As far as I can tell they are the cheap Chinese ones that everyone complains about. Still I haven't suffered any of issues often associated with them so I'm gonna chalk that up to their being able to smell their own kind and gave me a home court advantage.

And here I thought I was going to get some rest after being on call last weekend. Looks like I've got me another task to deal with this Saturday.


  1. It never ends. Always something to keep the house in order. When I saw baby I thought OK a Bridgette post.

    1. I know it! She's got one coming up soon. She's ill so I've been working from home looking after her today.