what a crock!

When I was about eight or nine my mom bought a set of these and the first thing she served us in them was some Campbell's beef barley soup. It was my first time for both and even though I like the soup, the bowls were what I really took to. I used them all the time until mom's OCD kicked in and she got rid of them. She always found an abstract or contrived reason to get rid of things that made life easier and/or sense. In this case she said she had a hard time washing them due to the size of her hands and how small they were. My hands were bigger than hers, they fit inside just fine, and I washed my dishes most of the time. Welcome to another glimpse of my childhood. One of the things I did then was to keep a list of things that I would do or buy once I cleared the unpredictable tyranny of mom's OCD. The bowls were added to that list. Time passed, I aged, and I forgot.

Today during lunch I burned my hands as I carried a soup bowl from the stove to the dinning table. You get one guess at what I remembered from that list. More importantly I realized then just how great these little bad boys will be for the mobile lifestyle. It being stoneware helps to keep the goodies warm, the handle saves you from burning your hands, and the lid keeps critters from getting in if you happen to take your meals alfresco (as I prefer to do). They are cheap, available everywhere (walmart's or target's for the mobile crowd), and come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs. Thought I'd share this little revelation with you and hope it helps.

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