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Turns out I didn't have to wait very long for that answer. On Tuesday (last week) another email arrived informing me of my start date along with some additional new employee information. Tomorrow morning is when I begin my two weeks with the last day landing on the 4th of July. The answer to whether I make it or not depends on if there's another two week'r scheduled to start after me. I hope that everything remains as swift as it's been, (so far) and receive another prompt & positive answer. If I do wait I'll simply throw myself back into the mix as a volunteer until the answer comes.

I took things a bit easier this week and only volunteered for three shifts at the sanctuary. Most of my downtime was spent taking care of  various housekeeping chores along with another minor repair. Living in a small space makes for quick and easier cleanups but it's something that still has to be done. My water brass pressure regulator died after only a handful of uses. I found a cheap plastic replacement which I'm hoping will fare better. I also had a backlog of emails, TV shows, and movies to get caught up on which made for a nice way to decompress. I even made a trip out to St George for some supplies while squeezing in some Ingress playtime.

Bridgette has been a real trooper thru all of this and has settled comfortably into her new routine. Kanab isn't a large town so a walk from where we live to the end of town takes us 20 minutes. It's actually 10 minutes, but I'm playing Ingress which slows the walk down a bit. As hot as it could be here, it's not that bad because there's almost always a nice and constant breeze helping to keep things cool. I've not yet had to break out the boots to deal with the ground being too hot. During one of our walks yesterday she ate something which upset her tummy. She woke me up twice last night and informed me that she had to hurl. We made it to the toilet both times and avoided a mess. The thing that makes what she did kind of incredible is that I'm a very sound sleeper and can sleep through anything. For whatever reason a few paw taps and then a body tremble wakes me right up. This morning she woke up, ate her breakfast, and seems none the worse for wear.

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