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My rig is almost four years old and has taken good care of me despite my not having lived in it for very long. I bought and paid it off in a little over two years. The last month plus is the longest I've ever used it continuously. I'm thrilled that it's held up well in all that time. Ok, maybe not as well as I'd hoped for in some cases. The extreme weather conditions of some of the places I've lived/where it was stored did take it's toll here and there.

It's been four years, and the age issues have been minor for the most part. I did realize in retrospect that an RV cover might've helped out when in storage, but that's ok since I'm using the jebus outta it now. I figured today would be a good walk backwards to see some of the improvements made.

This was one of the first things I did to spruce it up. I added a back splash to my stove area shortly after purchasing it. I do love to cook and frying is very much a staple in Asian foods. It made sense, and was uber easy to do.

This is the first "repair" I've ever had on this rig. While I was hosted at the compound of my childhood bff Barry, I discovered that my AC had died. Barry spearheaded the repair efforts and rekindled my bravery into fixing shit on my own again. What can I say, I got lazy by paying people to fix the stuff I didn't have time or was too scared to do myself. So that day he went above and beyond the call (for me) and helped to not only determine what was wrong, but also in finding a replacement. As a result I was delayed by only a day. Thank you again Barry! I honestly would've spent more time and money on it had you not helped me.

The drive up here from Barry's was not without a few problems. I ran into some extreme wind conditions and my awning was not locked down properly. This resulted in some severe damage to it. I ordered an awning repair tape which didn't help, and only made matters worse. I removed it all, and went an entirely different route. One of the RV park managers here helped and intro'd me to the redneck repair school. It worked better than expected and my awning has not torn a stitch more since. Its not the prettiest, but I really don't care since it's fixed. It's even held up to some of the more severe wind gusts this town is prone to.

This was more of an upgrade. Anyone whose lived long enough in an RV/TT knows that black water tanks sometimes backup in the odor department. After living in mine for more than a month, mine did. I purchased and owned the Cyclone well before arriving here. I procrastinated on it's installation, but finally got around to it a few weeks ago. Worth it! It really works. Do it if you can't deal with the poo smells.

This last upgrade is known as the Bagua mirror. It's kind of a Feng Shui thing for the uninitiated. The basic purpose is to redirect any potential bad spirits away from your domicile so that you can lead a happy and un-evil life for as long as is possible. This is the most simplified explanation I can muster. The rules of Feng Shui as well as anything else Asian are pretty strict and mostly a complete mystery to me to this day. I'd originally written something else here to conclude with, and it was supposed to be funny. I reread it this morning and decided it came off more snarky than funny so I decided to replace it with this ...

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