the interview

I had my telephone interview today. If you were to ask me how I did I would tell you that I think I did terribly. My personal views on HR departments are that they're different animals from company to company. I've had many interviews like this before and the results have been split so far. In short I can't tell if I'm making it thru to the next round or not and will simply have to wait and see. I was told that there's one day left of the telephone interviews before they decide who proceeds.

Now if you were to ask me how I've done while volunteering, I would say that the feedback I've been receiving for my efforts has been largely positive. I was even informed by one of the caregivers that everyone I've worked with really likes me. That's a huge vote of confidence for me, but I can't put 100% stock in it. I mean that I'm still learning (a lot) about what they do and the overall culture of this organization. I'm doing my best to be realistic and not let the praise elevate me into overconfidence.

Now comes the part that always kills me inside. The waiting. Wish me luck!

PS - The urchin is gone. She was made to vacate the campsite this afternoon post haste. She didn't leave the night before and had somehow managed to come up with money to stay an extra night. This incensed the park mgr who allowed her to stay without paying for the initial three nights. I learned this afternoon of several other incidents with other guests about her, along with an eyewitness account that she was spotted (on her second day) walking back to her tent with a vodka bottle shaped brown paper bag.

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