On Saturday morning while going thru my morning routine (Earl Grey as I read the news of the day) I had an email pop in. One of the Dogtown manager's emailed me requesting a telephone interview at a later time/date. Wait, what?!? I seriously thought that I'd blown the initial interview with HR, and expected to be notified weeks later that I hadn't made it. I learned after my second interview how wrong I was.

Interview day came and I was ready. Ok kind of ready. Ok not really ready at all. I did my best to make the day as routine as possible, but I was still a little traumatized from HR's "vee haff vays uff making you talk" ambiguous question-fest last week. I volunteered again that morning, came home for lunch, cleaned house, watched Russell Peters bits on youtube, and did just about anything else I could think of to keep distracted. My phone rang at the appointed hour and it was go time. How'd I do? I nailed it! One of the things the Mgr was kind enough to inform me of was that my second interview happened only because of the number of staff who came to bat for me. I've spent the last few days thanking each and every one of them for it too. An hour after the interview was over I received an email informing me that I made it. Technically I've not been offered a full time position, yet. I will work for two weeks as staff at a lower wage than what the position pays. This is so the staff can assess if they like working with me as well as how I acclimate to the town and vice versa. I was told about 40% of the two week candidates wash out once they get here. One of the senior caregivers there informed me that it's in the bag given what the staff already did on my behalf and that I've been happily living here for over a month. Still, I don't want overconfidence to get the better of me, and I'll exhale once a formal offer has been extended.

I am quite literally over the moon given how things have progressed. It's been over a year since I left/ended my IT career, I haven't earned a single penny since then, and I'm about the happiest I've ever been about the decisions made that led me here. I have so much to learn still and am eagerly looking forward to it.

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  1. That is great news!!! So very happy for you!!! You have followed your dream and taken the leap.


  2. Great news! Good luck with your trail period - I'm sure you'll do well. :-)

    1. I know! Much appreciate the vote of conf!