the tiny house

No I'm not throwing in the towel nor do I have plans to anytime soon. Settling down someplace quiet and out of the way is and has always been part of the end game for me. Preferably while I've got plenty of time left on this rock. The cabin is something that I've thought about for years and recently started toying with the idea of building one on my piece of property in CA. One reason is that I might stand a better chance of selling it sooner with a cabin on it. The sale would allow me to buy land and build again in a more preferable state. Out of all the building methods I've researched this past decade, I found the shipping container to be the best all around base material and most inexpensive of them all. Adding to that the Tiny House Movement has really helped in planning this out. There are so many people out there doing so many different yet amazing things with their projects that I've really learned how limitless the possibilities are.

My plan is to turn this ...
Into this, sans trailer wheels.

Someday, someday soon!

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  1. Duude! How you been? Glad to see your post on tiny homes and the container van house! I believe I mentioned to you in the past that that's my dream too! To have those types of homes in a piece of land somewhere. :) I am also an avid fan of the earthships of Taos New Mexico and the dome homes. If I had money, I'd get one of each type and make them guest cottages. Ah, dreams, eh? You are doing it, though, my friend! You are on your way since you have a plot of land already. Good on you!