under pressure

Things are moving along but my departure may be delayed. Both my parents took ill recently. My father's ailments were attributable to some bad dietary practices. He's made the needed adjustments and is on the mend. We also had to make a few adjustments in the kitchen with what mom cooks for him. The main issue being that she tends to cook dishes without regard to his diabetes and gout. I also had to take my mom in to see a doctor the other day. He agreed with my assessment that she was most likely dehydrated based on her symptoms. However, as a precaution they did take some samples for testing but I'm expecting that the tests will only reinforce what had happened. She's on the mend now as well. I kind of shudder to think how they would've handled this had I not been around. They seem to only make changes when the SHTF. Otherwise the rest of the time they just stay the course and slowly damage themselves. My sissy would've stepped in for sure but she can't possibly handle them in addition to raising a toddler, sending a daughter off to college, and working the family business. 

Adding to the fray I received a notice from my bank that the Franchise Tax Board aka The State of CA's tax collection office had placed a levy on my account. After a few phone calls I managed to find out what was going on and got it straightened out. The story is that I possibly owe them back taxes from 2008 but neither of us is 100% sure. The reason being that at that time I withdrew my 401k that year. The first half of the year I was a resident of CA, but not for the second half. I withdrew those funds while I was living in MN which is why neither side is sure. I paid the balance due and stopped the interest while filing a protest. So I might get the money back, I might not. I'm leaning towards not getting it back given how the state govt of CA spends money like a bunch of drunken sailors. Also, the reason why they finally got around to dealing with something from 2008 was because they couldn't seem to find me after I moved away from MN. The best part of all of this for me was the levy was placed on an account with nothing in it. 

This month I'm due to spend a lot of money which always causes undue stress on me. I've just become very opposed to spending large amounts money even when needed. The backtaxes owed wasn't a large amount but every bit adds up. 

My truck is due for an oil change as well as maintenance. Based on what it costed in the past I'm expecting to spend about $250. It would be more but since I purchased my tires from a nationwide tire store chain I get rotations/balances done for free there. Technically my oil change was due when I arrived in June but I've been holding off until before I leave. 

My insurance is due in a few days. I used to pay monthly until I learned how much I would save by paying it all up front for the six month run. This will cost me about $980. 

The generator will cost me about $1000.

The budget for the german shepherd puppy is $250., but I'm also shelling out $400. for the Banfield puppy wellness plan. This will cover all the costs of the innoclations, visits, spaying, testing, and treatment within the norm. 

Speaking of pressure. The cost to repair the valve on my compressed air tank is $90. It holds air, just not the 4500PSI it's supposed to. I've been considering selling all of my PCP air rifle & gear in favor of a break barrel air rifle. I won't have these worries about how to power it since it's all self contained. The downside is that I only get one shot if I miss with a break barrel versus the magazine bolt action of the PCP rifle. That and I lose a bit of range and power too. 

A decent bike lock will cost me around $50. I've been debating on getting a bike rack or just storing it in the trailer when traveling. I would need the lock either way, but can lock the bike to the trailer tongue. 

The worst of it is that I have that potentially bad catalytic converter that may need to be replaced. I'm hoping it's just bad O2 sensors, but I may still have to replace it. I have a cousin here who is a mechanic and may be able to help me do this for less than the $1k Honda is asking for. I'm also considering a bypass since I'm not a resident of this state nor do I have to pass smog in my current state of residency (TX) or future state SD. 

I'm not rich by any stretch. I saved and earmarked finances to cover all these expenses earlier in the year. Honestly I'd be just fine if I didn't have to take it all on at once. I'm hoping the upside is that I won't have too many worries like this in the coming months since I'm dealing with it now.

That all being said I'm supposed to turn in a 30 day notice with the RV storage park which I didn't do. I'm debating on turning it in next month and possibly leaving in early November, or wait it out until after xmas. There's still so much to do here and I want to be sure I leave my parents in good health. 

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  1. We're in the same boat, Steve. I'm taking care of my folks too while dealing with car repairs. Hang in there!