kelly kettle: arrival & unpacking

My Kelly Kettle arrived today!!! It only took two days from order to delivery, but that's largely due to it shipping from a neighboring city. I purchased the mid sized stainless steel Scout kit which weighs in total at two pounds two ounces. I had two reasons for picking this size and metal. The first is because of how well stainless steel holds up over time and the second was the almost doubled water capacity of 37oz versus 19oz with the smaller version. I read many reviews with most of them being positive, but wanted to share something regarding the few negative reviews read. The reviewers generally tended to focus on claiming how thin the metal was and how easily it damaged. I can only assume they purchased the aluminum version. The stainless steel used to make the kettle is thicker than most camping cookware and will shrug off the average drop. From what I'm seeing it would have to be hit with a fair amount of force to cause a dent. Oddly enough the stainless steel version weighs less than the aluminum version. I also noticed that most people neglected to mention some of the more important rules of use. Most are common sense but I can see how some people might overlook them and damage the kettles and/or themselves.

For the sake of safety here are the rules.
1. Never heat the kettle without water in it.
2. Never heat the kettle with the stopper in place.
3. Never hold the handle above the chimney when the kettle is lit.

I might have went a little overboard with the pictures but I wanted to share my excitement in unpacking this little beauty!

The box

The opened box

Makes sense, I'm in California

Can't wait to go Chef Boy R Lee on this

They do love their boxes

Kettle and fire base

Cookware set.
Pot, Fry Pan (doubles as pot lid), Grill, and Handle

Grill on fire base

Potholder disassembled

Potholder assembled

Potholder assembled in kettle

Pot on assembled potholder in kettle

Must I explain everything?
Trying out a Paula Deen recipe

Yumm, butter soup

Everything packed into the carry bag

Part two of this will be a video review where I prepare a meal. Preferably something ethnic if possible.

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