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It's a beautiful, cool, overcast, and 71°'s here today in Socal. Because of weather like this over the last week I've been able to catch up on a lot of things that were previously postponed. I've got to also tell you that I was fiercely wishing I was still up in the NM or AZ mountains the entire time. It made it really hard to focus on what my mind should've been on instead of daydreaming and/or sweating for doing nothing. I somehow managed it and am loving that feeling of accomplishment that comes after.

My parents are doing very well now. Mom's test results came back negative and is making it a point to stay properly hydrated. Dad made changes to his eating habits by having smaller meals as well as practicing moderation with even the things that are good for him. Sometimes you're never out of the woods and this was never more true than this past weekend. Sissy had to make a trip to the emergency room which turned out to be a minor issue that's easily corrected. She'll be fixed up via some minor outpatient surgery next week. Thank fuck!

Truck/Travel trailer insurance
Truck wheel balance and rotation
Paid off minor charges
Jetboil Flash sold/Kelly Kettle ordered
Check engine light is now off via O2 sensor mod
Bought Sissy's $175 amazon.com gift credit for a rainy day

In Progress
Gazebo - Is being dismantled in small pieces daily
German Shepherd puppy - I found a few great candidates and am deciding which
Air rifle and associated gear (selling in favor of replacing with a break barrel model)

I'm waiting until the last possible minute to complete the following since they're mostly of use to me on the road and not here.

Honda generator
LED bulbs for trailer
Fan-tastic vent 3 speed reversible fan
Truck maintenance (oil, spark plugs, trans fluid)
Bike Lock

One last bit of good news. My niece left this morning for college. Sissy's family all went up to help her move in and get settled in. Unfortunately my niece had forgotten to do something that was very important during all her preparations and packing over this last week.

A reminder of what she forgot to do.

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