can't take this town

Over the last two weeks I've been living in what the locals call a heat wave. This is refered to as a hot day in Central Texas and lasts about five months instead of two to three weeks. The title isn't about the weather so much as the place I'm in, geographically and mentally speaking. I know I've been MIA these last few weeks so let me get you current.

The hiking/playing Ingress/diet changes definitely helped to get and keep the lipids at a mangable level, but the cycling is where the changes became noticible. Over the last month I've managed to shed four of the most stubborn pounds in about two weeks time. I've never been overweight and have always been the tall slim type to the casual observer. Even though I managed to get a little fluffy (at least to me) the worst I did to myself wasn't visible. Meaning my prior lipid issues.

Well, it's been almost a month since I bought the bike and in that time I've managed to log 100+ miles on it. To be fair most of the riding took place in the first two and a half weeks. Then it got a little too hot. I've got the right gear and could have still ridden, but instead settled for early morning or late evening walks with the beagle. Which, sadly, were fewer and further between than we both wanted. We managed to console our guilt by eating ice cream inside an air conditioned house together. The downtime was put to good use. I repaired some minor comfort issues with my bike headgear and frugally shopped online for a few more needed items (cycling and full timing). I did manage to sneak in a few early evening rides but couldn't stay out long as I wanted due to the lack of a head and taillight.

The freaking gazebo! It's almost become the bane of my existance, but I'm more than determined to see it demolished. I was held back by the diposal issue (which we have resolved), but had two other issues stop us. One was my bro in law (who owns a big truck w/a large bed) was on vacation for a week. His truck is key based on how we have to dispose of the wood. The second is the current heatwave we're still waiting out. Once it's over the removal will go very fast. Mostly because I've spent more time studying how-to dismantle than what it will actually take.

Honda generator. I've lined up a few places with best prices where I'll buy it but am waiting until a week or two before I get it. I figure I can give it a decent shake down, weed out any possible problems, and get them resolved in that time. I do (still) have plans to add solar power to my rig, but decided to wait until after I'm out on the road a while. Mainly I want to see who has what and how it's setup on their rigs. I've done a lot of research and have a list of the best recommended items for my needs but still.

Madeline (the german shepherd). Some of you might recall her from my hunting and gathering post over two years ago. She's one of the things I've been shopping for and am within a few weeks of getting her. As I've always said I love and adore my beagle Bridgette, but she's absolute shit when it comes to protecting me. The family is excited about this and looking forward to having another little one around (regardless of species). Well, most everyone is excited. Mom isn't too crazy about it, but as I explained to her it's only for a short while. That and since we put Oreo (sissy's dog who lives with them) on a strict diet, she's dropping much smaller steamers these days. Backyard cleanup is also much easier since I've been around to help out. I say that tongue in cheek and mean it within the bounds of her OCD. Anyways. Puppy! Looking forward to adding to my little family, and putting all those lessons in patience the beagle put me through. They do say raising the second is easier. We'll see.

I attended one night at the behest of a few very close friends and family. While it was great reconnecting with a lot of friends whom I hadn't seen in years there were as many acquaintances I could've done without seeing. It would've been nicer had I only reunited with just the ones I wanted elsewhere instead. Still I managed the survive the night and make it home in one piece. This event is held at a hotel near LAX which means I've got to drive through most of the crap I really hate. Los Angeles. Don't get me wrong I have a special kind of hate for Orange County too, but it's a far cry more tolerable than the former. Part of it is sharing the road with the special breed of idiot who drives there, but most of it is the miles and miles and miles of manmade everything. Being here this long has started to damage my calm and I think the time for me to take my leave is fast coming! At the very least I need to get out of town for a few days and recharge my batteries.

All in all things are going as expected and I'm on schedule to hit the road. I'm still shooing for mid to late fall or winter at the very latest. That is if I'm wrong and my sister is right about her friend whom she keeps saying I will hit it off with. You know me, I never put all my ducks in a basket! Or is that eggs in a row? Never say ever? Can't seem to think straight in this heat.

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