a break

As much as anyone loves doing anything in life, you have to take a break. I hadn't. At least not since January. I was so involved in learning how to deal with some of the kids in my area that I'd forgotten to make some time for myself. I tried at any rate. I was supposed to have last Tuesday off, but instead it was yesterday. Tuesday was also my birthday which almost quietly passed unnoticed. I say almost because someone at work found out and I received a Dogtown round of radio birthday wishes in the afternoon. Not that I have a thing against birthday wishes. I do like them. I prefer having the day off to avoid some of the fuss that people make. I think I feel almost like I don't deserve it. Hmmmm. I'll have to explore that one later on. So I was turning 49 and really wasn't sure how I felt about it. I mean was it something I should accept gracefully or freak out about. Or was I supposed to buy a sports car or something? Now that I've had some time to decompress and process it, I came to the conclusion that I feel nothing about it. I don't care. Why? Not really sure but I think it might have to do with all the recent life changes I've made. At any rate. I'm here! I'm old'ish! Get used to it!

One other thing worth mentioning about the bday is a gift sissy got me. A six quart temperature and timer controlled crock pot. I'm excited about it! Now I can have dinner ready and waiting for me instead of having to make it when I get home. Or spend money eating out. And at six quarts I'll have a few days of leftovers to finish. My most recent pastime is digging out old recipes and scouring the net for new ones.

A quick update on Kenny. We had a potential foster lined up which fell through after they slept on it. Right before that happened a potential adopter expressed interest in him and it's been positive movement so far. This came about through a volunteer. She had spent a lot of time with him and even took him on sleepovers. She posted about her experience with him on facebook. A woman who runs a site for crippled dogs read it, contacted the volunteer, and asked if she could do a write up on Kenny for her site. The volunteer said yes. The crippled dog site woman wrote it up. The potential adopter read the story, fell in love with Kenny, and contacted the sanctuary about adopting him. The adoption is currently in progress so I'll refrain from saying any more so as to not jinx this for Kenny.


  1. Happy late Birthday! Tuesday was my birthday too so we're both Geminis except I'm past oldish and really creeping up on just plan old! :-D

    1. Thank you too! The best part about getting this way is getting to pick where we age. I'm slowing rusting away in the high desert and loving it!