in with the new

I'm thoroughly exhausted. Things, thankfully, went much smoother for me today. There were a few mishaps but nothing major. My adopted little sister (a friend/coworker here) Alyssa joined Bridgette and I for the excursion. If I hadn't spoken about her before she's one of the first people I'd met when I volunteered and was instrumental in management even considering me for the dog caregiver position I hold now. When I woke I still had some cleaning to do as well as discovering that I'd neglected to empty one of my cabinets. I scrambled and finished it all before Alyssa arrived. She was even a little late. My faithful (old) home was hitched up and off we went to St George. We arrived at the dealer and things went into warp speed. First came the old trailer unhitch, then the new rig tech walk-thru, and finally the signature fest with the finance guy.I made a quick call to my insurance agent to update things and the final cost came out to $6 above my former cost. They won't bill me for the difference since it's less than $10. At this point the finance officer started trying to sell me some additional coverage which I was pushed back on. He eventually dropped it to their cost and I was still saying no. Alyssa stepped in here and said I should take it based on how great a deal it is, but that I no longer earn what I used to. I can't absorb the cost to replace things based on my current income. The additional coverage lasts for seven years and means I only pay a $50 deductible to replace whatever fails within that time frame. I paid out of pocket to replace quite a few things on my old trailer which wasn't fun. The bottom line is that it added $9 to my monthly which is a small price to pay for peace of mind. So with the final signatures signed my salesman closed the deal by seeing me off. I am a sentimental bitch, so there was a moment with my old trailer before parting ways.

The trailer color scheme even compliments my truck.

If this recap starts getting wonky it's because I'm on my fourth beer on an empty stomach. 

Alyssa and I hit Costco and then Walmart for a shopping resupply of general stuff we needed. We got home around 3pm (mountain time). With a little help from the RV park managers the new home was fully situated in about 30 minutes and I started unpacking. I think I finally finished unpacking at around 9. This time it felt like unpacking took less time than packing. I'm not sure but I'm glad to be mostly done with it all. Since the space is different now I'll probably have to rearrange what I initially did. 

Bridgette was totally weirded out when I left her alone inside during my Walmart run. She remembered being in here from last week, but it wasn't home to her. It wasn't until we were home and I unpacked our stuff that she started to relax. I've got to say that I'm not crazy about her constant need to lay claim to my (ok, our) bed. I'm relieved to no end that we've graduated from a twin to a proper queen sized bed. I averaged at least three mid sleep roll overs onto her per month. She would wake us both with a loud yelp. This should now be a thing of the past. Right now she's completely crashed out on her side of the new dinette

I think I'm on beer #6 now and should've made dinner hours ago. Whatever. Here are a few more pictures of us moved in.


Front to back view

Back to front view

I think I'm on my sixth beer now and the laptop screen is kind of spinning. I think it's time to call it quits since I managed to get dinner cooking in the microwave finally.  I'll eat and watch a little Netflix before turning in for the night. G'night peoples and we'll talk again soon.


  1. Congratulations! It looks really nice. I'm sure you'll enjoy having more space and an oven is definitely worth having - not just for casseroles - how about pizza, muffins, pies and cookies!