pics of the new home

Bridgette laying claim to the new bed, before I'd decided to buy.

Plenty of storage

A nice window to let in the morning light.

View from the bed/main entrance

Rear Window. I will not let my leg be broken and/or attempt to solve crimes as a result.

My front door

My actual front of house

I've so missed dual sinks

The new fridge, now with more room!

The new microwave. Hopefully the door won't fall off unexpectedly like it did on my last trailer.

One more burner! Now I'm cooking!

And my head doesn't hit the ceiling in this one.

My knees don't hit the tub, and the door isn't angled.

I have a sink and medicine cabinet again!

And one day, I just know it, my beagle will revenge pee on this glorious bed some day.  She's such a little bitch!

View from the back to front.

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