... is never fun regardless of how much or little stuff you happen to own. Ever have that impending sense of doom when you had to do something that you didn't really want to do. I procrastinated this morning and what took place later only served me right for delaying instead of just jumping in. I woke up at 8am this morning and goofed off until around 2pm. When I finally started unpacking I discovered stuff I should've gone through and trashed months ago. That took me about two hours of going thru and eliminating what wasn't needed.  Right when I started moving stuff to the storage shed is when the universe reminded me that it has a devious sense of humor. I had managed to pack one storage container when it started raining. Bridgette heard the thunder clap and we both panicked for different reasons. She ran into the corner and trembled while I went into overdrive trying to move as much stuff to the shed as I could. Luckily, for us both, the rain was light and lasted about 20 minutes. 

Here's what my humble little home looks like at the moment. It was much worse earlier. Bridgette is hiding in her bed behind the TV. Despite how messy things look there I am almost finished emptying out my trailer. The last of the heavy lifting will be done when I get the kitchen stuff out.

This probably isn't the best call but I started drinking about an hour ago. So far I've had only one beer, but I have a feeling that it will grow exponentially as the day progresses. I might be in trouble here.

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