it's complicated

Actually it's not. In less than a week I've managed to turn into a complete idiot around this girl. I'm avoiding explaining the details of what I'd done in order to not relive it. Now to her credit she's told me that "you're fine" which I am taking at face value despite what I'm feeling. In short I am feeling horrifically more awkward with each stupid mistake I make. I know it's been a long time since I dated and I should give myself some time. However the lapse has made me realize that I'm not at all good at dating now nor then. At this point I wonder if I've made a mistake or not. Yes I know it was just "one" date. That one date simply underscores what I'm lamenting about. 

My friend says I should give myself a few days to cool off and not think about it. I'm taking her advice and decompressing, but not before sharing it with the world first. 

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