bake all the things

Just in case you're wondering. No, I wasn't hungover the day after my last post. It was only six beers, but on an empty stomach. I pretty much ate oatmeal the following day since I'd had nothing else handy to eat.

So it took me about two days of rearranging before I finally got around to baking something in the new oven. First up was the long craved after tater tot casserole. The following evening I made a batch of soft baked chocolate chip cookies, devoured them all, and pretty much got a stomach ache because I ate nothing else. Not smart, I know. Still, it was worth it. The following fare from hereon out will be mostly healthier. I use mostly very loosely. I'm due to get a care package from the sister which will contain a few boxes of Mochiko rice flour. With that I'll get to bake a recipe that was given to us by a childhood friend's mother. 

Nothing is ever 100% the way you need it, so a few upgrades are in order. In addition to the extra burner, oven, and microwave oven my sister is getting me a temp/timer controlled crock pot for my upcoming birthday. With one I'll avoid eating out because I'm too tired to cook when I get home from work. I also need to invest in sink covers along with making a custom cover for the stove top which will resolve my limited counter space issues. And I'll need to install a back splash since none came with. Easy enough to do and I've still got leftover double sided tape from the one I installed in the old trailer.

Damn, I'm hungry now.

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